Barclays Binary Options Trading

Barclays BankOnce upon a time at the height of financial crisis, there was a banking institution several years ago that used to be the saving grace for the industry, and it was none other than Barclays. This bank was instrumental in stepping up and buys any failing bank at that time,

As a binary options trader, if you are looking forward to placing a trade in this particular bank, it is essential that you are aware of the strengths and weakness of Barclays. It will help you in long-term about the correct prediction in the share prices of this banking institution.


Increase in Customer Protection – Barclays has been a very active banking institution that promises to safeguard the interests of all its customers and protects the same. Your hard earned money will be perfectly safe with Barclays as this bank will never prove you wrong and it would never run away with your hard earned cash.

Online and Mobile Banking – The bank has invested a lot of money in providing the online and mobile banking to all its customers. The products it offers are not only reliable but very safe and customer friendly at the same time. In the last few years, the bank has attracted a large number of customers just because of this particular feature.


PPI Compensation – For all the UK Banks, the PPI compensation bill is so massive that it is quite amazing and anyone can easily see that in years gone by a lot of their annual profits was primarily through the sale of those doomed insurance products. There is no limit how much each bank is paying in PPI refines and compensation, and it is something of a worry for the Barclays bank also.

Currency Trade Fines – The bank has been caught and charged with the enormous fine amount of rigging the currency trade market over the years in past. The fine amount is enormous. It is likely that the currency trade fines will undoubtedly deter the confidence of any binary options trader apart from having a negative impact on the share prices of this banking firm.

Short-Term Prediction

The short-term outlook does not seem to be very promising and useful for Barclays because the bank is still paying compensation and fines for its illegal activities in the past. The bank has set aside vast sums of money for paying fines, and this would surely have a very sound and dramatic effect in due course of time. With this thing in mind, it is very likely that the share prices of Barclays will sink low in the coming times in future and binary options traders need to act accordingly.