Binary Options Site Reviews

It is essential that you choose a reliable and user-friendly broker for your mobile or desktop binary options trading. As such we would like you to present our featured list of different binary options brokers which are personally handpicked by our experts. As such these brokers are rated best in the industry and offer the best trading experience.

The binary options sites have an immensely useful and graphical intuitive trading platform which is ideal for newbie traders. At the same time, you will be eligible for Welcome Bonus plan at the time you register with any of the brokers online. Apart from that, you can avail some other features like high-profit margins, low and cost-effective banking options and round the clock customer service.

Binary Options Trader Checklist

Mentioned below is a series of different checklist that you need to follow before you select and sign up any broker for your online trading. It is to be noted that all the approved binary options brokers that you find on our website have the following qualities mentioned below:

  • Indices Trading – When you are selecting any broker, make sure that the brokerage site is offering you some different indices to trade. Make sure that the indices are not limited because you will not have the freedom to trade and also there will be fewer opportunities to make money.
  • Forex and Currency Pairs – Only a handful of the binary options brokers can provide currency pairing to the customers. As such all the brokers mentioned over this website offer every single currency to be paired with another one. You will be able to pair BitCoin with US Dollars, and in this way, you will have a lot of trading options on your side.
  • Commodity Trading – The binary options broker that you shortlist should be able to offer commodities like Copper, Gold, and Silver. Apart from that, they should allow you to trade in other products such as oil. Our top-rated Binary Options Broker offer to trade in all the commodities.
  • Demo Accounts – It is an essential feature that you should not ignore at any cost. Demo Accounts help you get acquainted with the trading platform of the broker concerned. You can trade in a virtual environment, and it teaches a level of confidence before you march into the real world of trading. Your choice of broker should offer demo account feature, and you should be able to open the account without any problems.